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About Us

AGORA is a commercial department for sale of real estates of "Express Garantion" Ltd. - a construction company with more than 20 years of experience in constructing hotels, offices, residential buildings and industrial sites.

As its major business, AGORA is engaged in sales of sites constructed by Express Garantion as well as offering flexible and preferential conditions for sale - even at the stage of their designing.

The offered real estates are of all kinds - urban and commercial real estates, vacation properties and rentals. AGORA offers plots, apartments, houses, stores, offices, etc.

The properties of AGORA have a modern vision, located in central areas in the city and they feature with attractive prices.

Agora is a very competitive and reliable partner thanks to the close collaboration between the Sales Team of AGORA and the construction specialists of Express Garantion. This interaction provides for a product conformed with the trends in the branch and that is greatly demanded on the market, and of a guaranteed quality.


Aim and Policy

The major aim and policy of AGORA is to prove itself as one of the leading companies on the real estate market. Therefore our policy is built on the basis of high customer servicing quality and degree of satisfaction and preserving our position as a highly competitive and reliable partner in the branch.


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